The UK District Energy Association Associate Member:

Dalsia Brunata

Dalsia Brunata is your partner for the efficient use of district heating. With more than 23 years of experience in district heating, Dalsia Brunata has become an international expert for design and supply of heat substations throughout Europe.

Our company’s product portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of heating stations, heat interface units, monitoring and regulating technology as well as heat cost allocators.

Dalsia Brunata substations are available in various sizes and custom configurations, ranging from 20KW to up to 100MW+. The substations are provided complete, function tested and with all electrical connections for minimal installation costs. Our substations are tailor-made, based based on your specific wishes and unique system parameters.

Dalsia Brunata is, in short a “plug & heat”solution made with components exclusively from leading manufacturers, ensuring the highest reliability, CE marked and certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001.

Dalsia Brunata has a long-term experience in the completion of international projects and tenders throughout whole Europe. Our strengths lie in high quality engineering, flexibility, efficient project management and very competitive price- quality ratio.

We have a strong tradition of stable, longterm customer relationships and cover a broad range of customer groups such as: municipalities, district heating companies, housing associations and cooperatives, consultants and individual purchasers.


Dalsia Brunata
Br. Baxton 85

Tel: +359 (0)2-9155-743