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NetThings Ltd

NetThings is a low-cost and flexible internet-of-things platform, designed to simplify connecting and controlling things over the Internet. Versatile hardware is supported by the NetThings IBM cloud, delivering world-class data analytics and services. Initially targeted at the energy and building automation market, this technology is suitable for other sectors, including connected car, home medical, assisted living and security.

NetThings is all about ease of use, engagement and simplifying things. This is achieved through the extensive use of elegant and tactile graphical user interfaces, accessed anywhere via web browsers, so you don’t even need to download any apps.

A lot of attention is spent on the analysing and profiling data so you aren’t swamped with information, but rather given timely alerts of important events. You can even let the self-learning systems simply automate things to suit your lifestyle, freeing up your time and making your environment more comfortable and saving you money.

Our hardware was designed for connectivity to the Internet, but also to other devices to be controlled or measured. With that in mind, multiple radio protocols are included on the platform, so you can control things directly from your mobile phone, even when there is no WiFi or network coverage in your building.

There are multiple digital and analogue inputs, Ethernet and Bluetooth as well as a serial connection, which would allow NetThings to connect to and control networked plant in buildings or factories. You can also connect a mobile modem or hotspot, if there is no data network available, for example in remote sites.


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