UKDEA Media Release

UKDEA’s AGM marks the pinnacle of a another successful year and celebrates the appointment of a new Vice Chairman

17th June 2013

The UK District Energy Association is celebrating another year of successes, as the members recently met for the Association’s 3rd AGM, with a packed agenda the event was the biggest and best to date.

Held at the historic St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, the AGM was attended by around 30 member organisations, and included a mini district energy exhibition for members to learn about each other’s schemes, products and services, as well as presentations from DECC and OFGEM.

Andrew Walster, Assistant Director of Streetscene and Greenspace, officially opened the AGM and welcomed members on behalf of Coventry City Council, who had allowed the use of their stunning building for the UKDEA’s event.

Presenting for DECC was David Wagstaff, Head of Heat Strategy & Policy, who gave a presentation on progress with the national Heat Strategy and what this means for the future of district energy. His rousing presentation followed an equally interesting and useful presentation from Jacqueline Balian, Head of RHI Operations at OFGEM who highlighted some of the intricacies around the Renewable Heat Incentive as it applies to district heating systems.

David Wagstaff from the Department of Energy & Climate Change is a firm supporter of the UKDEA, and commented that:

"I'm someone that wants to promote Heat Networks.....I for one, am committed to the heat network agenda”.

Following the initial presentations, the UKDEA members discussed in detail the Association’s progress so far and plans for the future. Members agreed unanimously that the chairperson should continue to be Simon Woodward, CEO of Cofely District Energy. Simon commented that:

“I am honoured to be reappointed as Chairman of the UKDEA. The vision that I and the other core members had to form a leading national association, to raise awareness of district energy in the UK, has been clearly demonstrated, with just six founder members which has now risen to over 50 and is continuing to grow. At this year’s AGM, the UKDEA came of age and I am very proud of what we have achieved”.

In a new appointment, long term supporter of the UKDEA and CEO of new company Energy Gap, Keith Riley was selected to be the new Vice-Chairman, lending further support to the development of this rapidly expanding organisation. Keith was one of the six original founding members of the UKDEA with Veolia Environmental Services. On his new position Keith said:

“It is an honour to become Vice Chairman and it is also clear that the Association is growing strong.  I think because of the attitude that the Association have adopted and the depth of knowledge we have, as an Association, it is being listened to seriously by all parties including Government”.

The group discussed ideas for future development and identified some exciting proposals for the coming year. One such proposal was the formation of a Consumer Protection and District Energy Regulation Working Group, who will focus on developing appropriate consumer protection proposals, with the expectation that Government is likely to consult on this subject late this year or early next year.

The UKDEA has recently welcomed the 52nd organisation to its membership, adding to the rapid growth experienced by the Association over the past 18 months. Finishing 2011 with a total of just 17 members, the Association has seen a further 23 join during 2012 and an additional 12 in the first half of 2013.

Over the past 18 months, the UKDEA has made its mark in the industry knowledge pool in a number of ways, from responses to consultations to direct meetings with MPs and public bodies. Their soon to be published “A Guide to Developing District Energy Schemes in the UK” is eagerly awaited by the industry, and set to become the handbook for district energy developers in the UK.

The UKDEA’s R&D and Policy Specialist, Peter Hamnett, commented that:

“There is a great deal of anticipation for the Guide. Thanks to the contributions from our vastly experienced members in the public and private sector, this guide will be an invaluable resource for anyone that wants to get a district energy scheme developed but doesn’t know how. It will be a useful tool for local authorities, commercial developers, housing associations, even hospitals and universities that don’t already benefit from the use of low-carbon district energy”.

The success of the AGM alongside the ever increasing applications for membership and interest in the activities of the UKDEA have served to cement the organisations position as the foremost association concentred with the district energy industry in the UK.



Notes to Editors:  
The partners, owners and operators of the largest district energy schemes in the UK have aligned themselves in the creation of the UK District Energy Association (UKDEA); with the aim of not only promoting district energy as a means to deliver significant carbon savings, but also to establish a direct link between the Government and the industry's small market base.  
The Association is a not for profit, non-trade association of companies and public sector organisations involved or interested in district energy schemes of all sizes, from village scale, community based 'micro district energy' schemes to city wide district heat energy networks.
Still in its infancy, the UKDEA has attracted leading players in the industry, with the UKDEA's Full members comprising of 14 major organisations:  
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Cofely District Energy Limited
  • Coventry City Council
  • ENER-G Switch 2 Limited
  • Enviroenergy Limited
  • E.ON Energy Solutions Limited
  • Leicester City Council
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Newport City Homes Limited
  • Shetland Heat, Energy and Power Limited
  • Southampton City Council
  • SW Energy Limited
  • Thameswey Limited
  • Veolia Environmental Services Limited
  Together, these 14 organisations represent the: Birmingham, Coventry, Exeter, Leicester, Liverpool Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newport, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Shetland, Southampton and Woking District Energy schemes, together with a number of schemes in London including Olympic Park and Stratford City, Bloomsbury Heat & Power, Whitehall, Hatfield, Dalston Square, Greenwich Millennium Village, Barbican Arts Centre, Guildhall, Bastion House, Ontario Tower, Pan Peninsula, Baltimore Wharf, Wapping Lane,  High Point Village and London Central Markets.  
The UKDEA also has 38 very knowledgeable Associate Members, including international members, sharing and contributing information to our district energy knowledge base.

UKDEA Key Facts:  
Together the UKDEA members represent:  
  • Over 120 MW of low carbon generation plant (CHP, biomass, EFW etc)
  • Supported by over 600 MW of conventional back up boiler plant
  • Delivering over 700,000,000 kWh of heat each year
  • Across energy networks which, if combined, would extend for more than 200km
  Through Full and Associate membership, the UK District Energy Association's aim is to represent current and potential owners, developers, consumers, partners, operators, product suppliers and interested parties of District Energy schemes throughout the UK.  
The UKDEA welcomes new members. Be part of our district energy information sharing loop and apply for membership of this forward thinking Association today.

For more information or membership details contact:

Chris Tanner 
Secretary & Administrator for the UKDEA
Thames Head Wharf,
Tetbury Road,
GL7 6NZ  
Office: 01285 770615       Mobile: 07773 457941  
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.ukdea.org.uk