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10:00, 11th January 2013

£8m Energy Efficiency and District Heating Scheme for Dundee

Hundreds of tenants in the Scottish city of Dundee are looking forward to having their energy bills slashed as the council launches an £8m energy efficiency scheme in the city.

The scheme will see, amongst other measures, high tech insulation installed in all the flats as well as a gas powered district heating scheme launched to warm the flats.

Housing convener Jimmy Black said: “With this scheme, tenants could be looking at a reduction in their heating bills of between 30% and 40%.

“We have been at the forefront of energy efficiency in Dundee for a number of years, for example, the district heating system at the Dallfield multis.

“With this proposal, residents of both the multi-storeys and the low-rise homes will be able to benefit from better insulation, cheaper, more controllable energy and new kitchens and bathrooms.”

The council will pick up £5 million of 
the cost, with £2.8m coming from Scottish Gas and another £250,000 from the Scottish Government.

Housing director Elaine Zwirlein said 403 tenants and 32 owner-occupiers will benefit from the work.

Ms Zwirlein explained that achieving the heating standard in multis is difficult and costly but upgrading the external insulation and installing district heating will allow the Kirk Street flats to meet the target.

“District heating is a system that distributes heat generated from an energy centre via a network of insulated pipes into individual homes,” she said.

“Radiators just like the ones associated with a ‘wet’ central heating system are fitted in the flats, together with individual heat exchangers, which take the place of boilers.

“District heating is a cost effective and realistic method for reducing carbon emissions.

“Residents pay only for the heat they use via an internet-enabled metering arrangement.

“This will allow them to pay for their fuel via the internet, by phone, by direct debit or by calling into one of the designated council offices which have a point-of-sale.”

She added: “Existing and new tenants of the Kirk Street developments can expect 
a real transformation to their blocks.

“The partnership with Scottish Gas will result in a substantial investment that will keep their flats warmer, reduce heat loss through the walls and give the blocks a whole new appearance.”

Work is expected to begin early this year and last for 12 to 15 months.