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10:00, 27th April 2017

Energy UK calls for urgent action to tackle decarbonisation of heat

The UK Government must address decarbonising heat “urgently” as it has not yet been tackled effectively.

That’s according to trade body Energy UK, which has set out the industry’s vision and provided recommendations that government should consider as a minimum necessary to set the country on track to deliver its fifth carbon budget.

It identifies heat as the biggest challenge for decarbonisation at a large scale and one that needs “clear direction” from government.

It suggests funding pilot schemes and research to identify “regret routes” to decarbonising heat and understanding each technology’s pros and cons for the different types of buildings.

The report adds government should encourage the uptake of low carbon heat technologies in commercial buildings through attractive financial and tax incentives to help manage upfront capital costs and reduce district heating business rates.

It states government should engage with local authorities now on the challenge of decarbonising heat as they will have a vital role to play.

Energy UK also believes the decarbonisation of heat is “likely to require” carbon capture and storage (CCS) if hydrogen emerges as a viable option and is calling for a “clear indication” of government’s views on CCS.

It adds failure to deliver on the recommendations could lead to carbon reduction targets not being met and higher decarbonisation costs in other sectors as heat is not sufficiently decarbonised.

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