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10:00, 22nd February 2017

Vital Aim for District Heating Treble

Vital Energi's 10-year partnership with Berkeley Homes and SSE on the Royal Arsenal Riverside development has resulted in a finalist spot on the H&V News Awards 2017 shortlist, which celebrates the best projects in the sustainable and renewable energy sector.

Royal Arsenal Riverside has been shortlisted in the District Heating Project of the Year category, which we are proud to have won in both 2015 and 2016.

The project saw Vital Energi design and deliver an energy solution which evolved alongside the development’s expansion, ensuring optimum performance at every stage. Initially, when demand was low we created a temporary energy centre to service the project and later, as more blocks were connected to the system, we delivered a 15MW permanent energy centre which was capable of meeting the increased demand

The heat created from the energy centre is distributed through a 3.5km district heating network which connects over 20 buildings. This network was designed to be “future proofed” to allow for easy expansion and the connection of more buildings over the 25-year construction period.

Rob Callaghan, Regional Director for Vital Energi commented, “We are extremely proud to have played a part in the 350 year history of Royal Arsenal Riverside by delivering the energy centre and district heating network and would like to congratulate our clients who have always been 100% committed to creating a truly sustainable community which is bringing much needed homes to London.” Construction on the The Royal Arsenal Riverside development is set to continue until 2032 and, when complete, will serve 3,700 homes as well as shops, offices and leisure facilities across the 76 acre site.

The publication of the H&V News Awards shortlist provided further good news for us with the £20m Guardbridge Biomass Energy Centre & District Heating network for the University of St Andrews being included in the Renewable Energy Project of the Year (Commercial/Non Residential) category.

10:00, 21st February 2017

Value of district heating contracts quadruple in 2016

The value of district heating contract tenders issued in 2016 for the public sector has quadrupled, rising to £350m from just £76m the year before.

The Danish Embassy, which monitors contracts as part of its information service to Danish companies providing services to the UK, estimates that over half a billion pounds of public sector contracts have been awarded in the UK.

Ian Manders, UK energy policy advisor at the Embassy, said: "Yet to appear in the figures are £2 billion plus of new heat network schemes that the UK and Scottish Governments are supporting.

"You could say that district heating is booming in Britain."

The Embassy said the estimates are conservative as market information on district heating is difficult to obtain as there is no central market place, although the UK Government publishes a report from time to time on heat network investment opportunities.

Public sector schemes include social housing, city-centre and campus schemes.

Last month the Building Engineering Services Association announced it will be tackling the "Achilles heel" of district heating networks by publishing a new standard the overall efficiency of schemes.

10:00, 20th February 2017

Star Renewable Energy District Heating Heatpump Named Runner Up To Top Industry Award

A large scale water source heatpump for one of the country’s largest district heating schemes received the runner up award for the prestigious ACR and Heat Pump Awards “HeatPump of the Year 2017” at last week’s awards ceremony in Birmingham.

Star Renewable Energy has achieved second place in a strong national competition at the National ACR and Heat Pump Awards and were just pipped to the post by Mitsubishi Electric. The winners and runner ups were announced at the 2017 Awards in the Town Hall in Birmingham on 26th January. Now in its fourth year, the Awards recognise the best people, projects, products and solutions in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump industry and are voted for by industry peers.

Star’s water source Neatpump supplies a source of heat and hot water to a solar thermal renewable energy scheme – a UK first – in Cranbrook, near Exeter. The district heating scheme at Cranbrook will, on completion, serve 3,500 new homes as well as 1.4 million square feet of industrial space.

Owned and operated by E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, the new town’s district heating network uses solar thermal panels to harvest heat for the scheme. The heat pump draws heat from the water circulated through 1,814 square metres of ground-mounted solar thermal panels to provide a reliable and sustainable source of heat and zero local emissions.

The solar farm which harvests heat directly from the sun produces hot water at 550C during the day. Star’s community-wide heat pump then boosts it to 800C - the temperature required to supply the district heating network - to deliver heat on demand. Furthermore, the use of thermal storage technology enables the heat pump to increase the temperature overnight -when electricity is cheapest – to allow the system to meet peak morning demand, effectively acting as a thermal battery.

The innovative use of the heat pump in combination with other forms of low carbon technologies was described by the Award judges as “Star’s high temperature heatpump is a fine example of how products must evolve if we are to see heatpumps deployed across wider segments. We look forward to seeing more large heatpumps at next year’s event which is being held on the 18/01/2018 at The Titanic, Liverpool” Dave Pearson, director of Star Renewable Energy, accompanied by Jeremy Bungey, Head of Community Energy at E.ON, said.

“We are very happy to receive this significant award. It demonstrates the versatility of heat pumps. The judges had an impossible situation given an excellent small heat pump and our large heatpump at 80C.

This award is therefore a testament to what bold initiatives in renewable energy technology can achieve both large and small.”

Bungey said: “We see district heating schemes as a vital way of delivering affordable, secure and lower carbon heating to homes and communities across the country. Our test project with Star at Cranbrook is investigating a potential zero carbon heating and hot water solution making best use of solar panels, heat pump technology and thermal storage.”

It is expected that district heating networks and particularly heat pumps will play a major role on 2017’s energy policy, which will see efforts to reduce carbon emissions refocused from electricity on to heat decarbonisation.

The National ACR and Heat Pump Award is held annually at landmark locations across the UK.

10:00, 19th February 2017

Will we see you at Ecobuild 2017?

The ukDEA in collaboration with Heat Networks Sustainability by Sweden and the Embassy of Denmark is delighted to invite you to the District Energy Event of 2017. In a UK first, we have come together to present the largest dedicated district energy exhibition ever held, at Ecobuild 2017.

Whatever your interest is in district heating or cooling networks this is the place for you to connect with industry experts and discover more about this rapidly growing sector.


Take the opportunity below to reserve your seat at one of the District Energy Town Square Seminar Sessions. Find out what will be discussed during the seminar sessions:


  • Tuesday 7 March 2017: Campus Networks Themed Day - in partnership with Universities and Hospitals
  • Wednesday 8 March 2017: Local Authorities Themed Day - in partnership with the GLA and BEIS
  • Thursday 9 March 2017: Residential Development Themed Day - in partnership with Private Housing Developers, RSL and LA Regeneration Vehicle


Speakers over the three days are as follows:

7th March 2017:

  • Simon Woodward, Chairman and Technical Director, The UK District Energy Association
  • Richard Bettle, Head of Energy and Utilities – Estates and Building Division, University of East Anglia
  • Joel Cardinal, Head of Energy and Sustainability, University of Warwick
  • Ola Nordgren, Energy Consultant and Head of Foreign Affairs, FVB Sverige ab.
  • Gulam Seedat, Business Development Manager, Danfoss
  • Lee Davies, National Sales Manager, Armstrong Fluid Technology Ltd
  • Niclas Davidsson, CEO, Meva Energy
  • Maria Kalli, Export Manager, Team Lead Europe and North America, Vexve Oy
  • Marko Cosic, Technical Director. COHEAT Ltd

8th March 2017:

  • Simon Woodward, Chairman and Technical Director, The UK District Energy Association
  • David Wagstaff, Head of Heat Infrastructure, Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Peter North, Senior Manager – Programme Delivery (Sustainable Energy), Greater London Authority
  • Marcin Laczynski, Sales Manager, Mittel Fjärrvärme AB
  • Ulf Andreasson, Managing Director, Powerpipe Systems AB
  • Hans - Jorg Felbick, Export DHC, BRUGG Rohrsysteme GmbH
  • Christina Broks, Business Development Manager NW Europe, Thermaflex Isolatie bv
  • Johan Desmedt, Project Manager, VTO Research Institute
  • Maria Kalli, Export Manager, Team Lead Europe and North America, Vexve Oy
  • John Townley, Technical Manager, ENWA Water Technology UK
  • Andy Watts, Regional Manager, Flexenergy Ltd
  • Björn Berg, CEO, Ngenic
  • Markco Cosic, Technical Director, COHEAT Ltd
  • Greg Tracy, Business Development Manager, Danfoss
  • John Williams, Director of Sales and Billing, Evinox Energy Ltd

9th March 2017

  • Simon Woodward, Chairman and Technical Director, The UK District Energy Association
  • Robin Feeley, Director, L&Q Energy
  • Vimal Bhana, Head of Utilities and Infrastructure, Barratt London
  • Mårten Alm, Key Account Manager, Alfa Laval Corporate AB
  • Christer Frennfelt, Manager Consultant and Utility Business, SWEP International AB
  • Magnus Klingheim, Business Development Manager, Elgocell AB
  • Rupert Mackay, Director, Data Energy Management Services Ltd
  • Soulla Paphitis, Business Development Manager, Danfoss UK
  • David Collins, Contracts Manager, DMG Delta
  • Marko Cosic, Technical Director, COHEAT Ltd
  • Marta Golisowicz, Junior Process Engineer, SUEZ Advanced Solutions UK
  • Soulla Paphitis, Business Development Manager, Danfoss UK
  • Martyn Farrelly, Business Development Executive, Sycous Limited
  • Bob Hatton, Business Devlopment Director, Sycous Limited
  • Soren Hebsgaard Knudsen, Country Manager, Kamstrup Instrumentation Ltd


Don’t miss your opportunity to tour the ExCel District Energy Centre

Start each day by taking a tour of the ExCel District Energy Centre kindly hosted by ExCel followed by a breakfast session at the District Energy Town Square hosted by Heat Networks - Sustainability by Sweden.

Register now as a visitor for Ecobuild at https://registration.n200.com/survey/0dcugi1l7eh4g?actioncode=ECOB62

Book a seat at a district energy town square seminar at http://ubm.ecobuild.co.uk/district-energy

Book your tour of the energy centre at http://bit.ly/2kJv8Tw


10:00, 17th February 2017

Sheffield and Switch2 roll out smart meters to heat network

Sheffield City Council is rolling out Switch2's smart energy prepayment meters to 5,800 homes connected to its heat network.

This is predicted to reduce customers' total annual bill by £1.4 million, with the first 227 homes using the pay-as-you-go meters saving an average £238 each over the first year. The technology can be used for either prepayment or credit billing, but more than 80% of residents opted for prepayment to provide better budgeting control and because there is no price differential between the two payment types.

Kirsty Lambert, Director of Switch2, said: "The heat network industry is pointing the way forward for the big six energy suppliers. Advanced smart metering has been available in our sector for a number of years. When implemented properly, prepayment tends to become the most popular, flexible choice. Customers can monitor and control their energy consumption, budget better and save money."

The G6 smart pay-as-you-go unit was introduced by Switch2 in 2012, using wireless technology to replace the traditional corner shop/token based prepayment system with an instant top-up credit facility via the internet, smartphone app, phone, or any PayPoint location. The technology includes a graphical in-home display to show residents how much energy they are using - helping them to monitor and reduce consumption and save money.

Switch2 has more than 35 years’ experience of smart metering and billing for the community energy and district heating sector. The company remotely manages and monitors its smart meters from its UK customer service centre, which offers complete billing and administration services.