International District Energy Associations

The ukDEA is proud to be part of an international network of District Energy Associations, dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences from all corners of the globe for our members benefit. Members of the ukDEA have access to case studies, reports and other key pieces of information from DE operators in the UK and abroad, and will always be the first to know about the latest news, technology and research in this emerging field.

USA - International District Energy Association (IDEA) - www.districtenergy.org

Germany - German National Association for District Heating - www.agfw.de

Denmark - Danish District Heating Association (DFF) - www.dff.dk

Denmark - Danish Board of District Heating - www.dbdh.dk

Netherlands - Warmnetwork (Dutch District Heating Association) - www.warmnetwork.nl

Austria - Austrian National Association for District Heating (Gas & Waerme) - www.gaswaerme.at

Czech Republic - Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic - www.tscr.cz

Finland - Finnish District Heating Association (SKY) - www.energia.fi

Hungary - Mataszsz - Association of Hungarian DH Enterprises - www.mataszsz.hu

Iceland - Icelandic District Heating Association (Samorka) - www.samorka.is

Italy - Associazzione Italiano Riscaldamento Urbano (AIRU) - www.airu.it

Lithuania - Lithuanian District Heating Association (LDHA) - www.lsta.lt

Poland - Chamber of Commerce Polish District Heating - www.igcp.org.pl

Romania - Cogen Romania - www.cogen.ro

Slovenia - Slovensko Drustvo za Daljinsko Energetiko - www.sdde.si

Spain - Asociation de Empresas de Redes de Calor y Frio - www.adhac.es

Sweden - Swedish District Heating Association (FVF) - www.svenskfjarrvarme.se

Switzerland - Verband Fernwarme Schweiz (VSF) - www.fernwaerme-schweiz.ch