Our Members


The partners, owners and operators of the largest district energy schemes in the UK have aligned themselves in the creation of the UK District Energy Association (ukDEA); with the aim of not only promoting district energy as a means to deliver significant carbon savings, but also to establish a direct link between the Government and the industry's small market base.

The benefits to full and associated members include:

Providing Guidance, Information and Best Practice – The ukDEA brings together the UK’s developers, operators and partners of the largest district energy schemes in the UK, each seen as an example of Best Practice with multiple awards across the various members ranging from Queens Awards for specific schemes to Local Authority Council Employee of the Year in the Green Category for individuals. One of the core values on which the association has been formed is that of assisting and guiding other organisations in the development of their schemes. A leading example of this is the launch of our APP which is available in APPLE and Android Platforms, just search for UKDEA. Therefore by becoming a member you can link into that network of experience, expertise and Best Practice.

Engaging with BEIS, Central Government and Driving Energy Policy – the founding members of the ukDEA are each respected in their own rights as leading practitioners of district energy and each regularly meets with BEIS and other central government departments. Together we are seen as the true voice of district energy in the UK equally representing both the public and the private sector. Representatives of the ukDEA have already been instrumental in contributing to the formation of the Heat Trust and the Governments recently launched Heat Network Investment Project. By joining the association you will join this single conversation with BEIS and other central government bodies on this ever increasingly important but complex subject.

International Links – through its developing links with District Energy Associations in countries across the World the ukDEA will analyse and disseminate to its members commercial concepts and new technologies which can be brought into the UK market to enhance their existing and new schemes.


We are not technology specific and indeed are agnostic on this subject. We are not for example pro gas fired CHP verses heat from energy from waste. We simply advocate the construction of local energy networks using technologies and solutions which are appropriate in terms of carbon intensity and costs to end users. These could range from heat only networks to heat, electricity and chilled water as practiced by some of our members. Each one has its own part to play in the solutions we need to develop to deliver a truly low carbon economy.